Rajaville in brief

Rajaville is a leading concrete industry operator and a partner for construction professionals in Northern Finland and the Cap of the North. The company is fully-owned by Parma Ltd.

For more than seven decades we have manufactured and supplied comprehensive solutions for building frames, comprising concrete elements and other finished parts for residential construction, public buildings and infrastructure. We serve you from the planning stage to final construction.

The company is fully-owned by Parma, the largest manufacturer of concrete elements and a market leader in Finland. We are also part of the international Consolis Group, the European leader in designing and manufacturing high-performance precast concrete products.

Our way of working

We manufacture high quality products in a responsible and fair way, and we have formulated the code of conduct and attitude that governs our work and ensures that:

  • we remain committed to respecting the laws and agreements of the construction industry,
  • our values inform and direct all of our actions,
  • we listen to your needs and improve our services continuously, and
  • our customer service capacity is always modern and progressive.



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